Whenever you need to visit another city for business or recreation there is always the need for comfortable accommodation. Hotels are the first places to check but these can be much more expensive than if you decide to rent a fully-furnished, serviced apartment which has a number of advantages in providing economic and comfortable surroundings. Contracts are flexible and easily arranged for short or long breaks.


Renting a serviced apartment offers a uniquely relaxing atmosphere after a day’s sightseeing or negotiating a tough business deal. There is the freedom to watch television while eating a takeaway dinner or you can enjoy creating your own meals in the well-equipped kitchen. You can visit local amenities and shops, entertain family and friends or make preparations for the day ahead in luxurious, comfortable home surroundings.


With a fully serviced apartment there is a great emphasis on making your stay convenient and truly memorable. To help you recover from your journey, there is usually a Welcome Pack that includes all the essential items you might need such as coffee, tea, bread and cereals. Soaps and washing powders are also placed ready for use. There is always a detailed directory left for your use which includes lists of all the amenities you might need such as a local taxi company, where to find the best shops and theatres or the address of an emergency dentist. Depending on the length of your stay, some companies even provide extra toiletries from a luxury brand to make your first night special.


Serviced apartments are beautifully maintained to the highest standards with up to date facilities and equipment. You never have to improvise or make do with sub-standard furnishings as modern upholstery and d├ęcor will be in excellent condition with any additional items such as a baby’s cot being readily available. Amenities will include Wi-Fi and satellite connections for you to work or enjoy your favourite programmes. A good supply of high-quality fresh towels and bed linen are supplied.


Whenever you rent a serviced apartment you will find them in immaculate condition as between visits they are thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. For longer contracts each apartment is visited every week by a housekeeping team that expertly vacuums and cleans every room including the bathroom and kitchen area and also changes your bed linen.

Superior Apartments Many serviced apartments are located within easy reach of the main places of interest and business centres to prevent you having to travel long distances each day regardless of the reason for your visit. The apartments themselves are usually situated in well-maintained, luxury blocks and can often include penthouses. If you decide that you would prefer renting a house for your break there will usually be plenty of choices available. When you rent a serviced apartment from Signet Apartments you will find luxury accommodation that is affordable with everything you will need to make your trip one of the most comfortable and enjoyable.

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